So it begins!

Hello blogging world! It’s been on my mind for a long time to begin a blog that follows our family’s health journey. I enjoy cooking, health, wellness and am on a new journey to be more active and fit. I love, LOVE food and enjoy trying new recipes (which I will likely share on this site). Over the past years, I have been pushed, shoved maybe, into a new world of wellness for my family. (More to come on that later.) Our latest foray into the health world is that we are trying to cut out gluten/wheat and dairy from our diets. My children have sensitivities and allergies to these things which cause other health issues. Their doctor has tested them both for allergies and they are both supposed to be off these foods for right now. My youngest son has had digestive issues and has been off of these foods for a long time. This is new for my oldest son though. He’s used to eating Oreos and Ritz crackers by the bundle! Thankfully there are SO many good alternatives out there to eat! He is doing really well with the changes so far. I think I am most likely sensitive to these foods too, so I’m trying to cut them out of my diet as much as possible. I’m trying to practice what I preach more and if my kids have to suffer through changing their diets, I want to be right there with them. It’s kind of an experiment for me. I am curious to see how I feel after a month or so of this and see if my body has changed. I tend to feel MUCH better when I don’t eat dairy or wheat, so we’ll see. My poor husband has been caught in the midst of the gluten/wheat-free, dairy-free changes in our fridge and pantry! Poor guy! This morning he goes, “Where’s the Eggo waffles???” How dare I forget them at the store?? For my kids, it’s extremely hard for them to see others eating foods they used to be allowed to eat (or would like to try), so I try not to have those things around or eat them in front of them. I think I will indulge my sweetie though and go pick him up a few “normal” things. (: He didn’t sign on for this lifestyle change anyways and I’m not going to force him into it. This is extremely difficult for me to change 32 years of eating habits!! In the past, I’ve changed my kids’ diets as needed to help with allergies and relentlessly cooked alternative foods for them that fit their diets, but allowed myself to kind of still eat what I want. (I mean, who really wants to eat gluten-free/dairy-free cookies if they don’t HAVE to??) I have friends who have changed their bodies and their lives by cutting gluten out and that is encouraging to me. We shall see how this experiment turns out! (Now, I won’t promise I’m never going to have some pizza or pick up a pint of Ben and Jerry’s from time to time, but I’m really going to work at cutting back on these things as much as I can!) Here’s the dessert recipe I made for us all today. They are super yummy and clean! Thank you Mommypotamus for this recipe!

Salty and Sweet Almond Butter Cups


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