CG Wut Wut!

I am SO happy to be back at Camp Gladiator this bright and early morning! I haven’t been in 3 weeks and it feels like an eternity. I was really nervous going today, knowing how out of practice I am. It was definitely tough but thankfully I was paired up with someone my own fitness level. I always worry when they tell you to “find a partner”. I don’t like to be paired with a super fit person and drag them down. If you aren’t familiar with Camp Gladiator, check out their website: Camp Gladiator

I absolutely love the always challenging, group workout! It pushes me harder than I would push myself. Once you get in the routine of going, it’s pretty addictive! Here’s a pic from one of our classes:


There’s a lot of mat and weight work involved. Every workout is new and different so its never boring. I’m so excited because my hubby is going this month too! The CG people let campers gift a free session to someone and he wanted to try it out. We have to alternate mornings though since somebody has to stay home with the kids (and there’s no way you’ll get us to go in the evening during this Texas summer heat)! At the end of class we come together in a huddle and say something like “CG Wut Wut”! Here’s us on Crazy Sock day (a lot of people forgot to wear their crazy socks, including me – the one with fuschia and yellow sneaks):


It’s a fun group and I love our trainers! So glad to be back at it! I feel like I am a better mom when I get up early and workout. Just knowing I’ve done something good for myself – for my health and my mind. Getting out by myself and socializing with others is good for my well-being and it gives me a break from being at home all the time with the kids. Plus, working out before everyone else is up gets it out of the way and I don’t feel guilty, like I’m taking time away from the family.

I’ll try to do some other form of exercise tomorrow on my day off. We’ll see how sore I am tomorrow (as I’m pushing my hubby out of bed at 5 a.m. For his turn to go. Heh heh.) CG Wut Wut!


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