Muffins in the Morning!

Just because you’re eating gluten-free doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the same yummy foods you usually eat! (I know I sound like an infomercial. That’s ok – I only promote what I really would encourage others to try and I hope it helps those who may be new to the food allergy world or who may be overwhelmed by all that’s out there at the grocery store!) Today I made blueberry muffins for my family with this great mix:

It’s another fantastic brand I’ve found that allows you to substitute ingredients according to your dietary needs. It’s a plain muffin mix and you can add in whatever you want like fruit, nuts, spices, etc. You can also make scones or pancakes from the mix (though I’ve never tried making them.) I used Vanilla Almond Milk and added whole, fresh blueberries to my muffins today.
Yummy! Extra good with a little bit of dairy-free butter on them. (: Highly recommend! In my opinion, gluten-free breads, muffins, cookies, etc. taste a little different than “regular”, as you might suspect. The mixes and recipes I post on here are some of the better ones I’ve made (and I’ve tried A LOT of recipes over the years) and actually taste good. If you expect they will taste different than non-gluten free foods, you won’t be surprised by the difference. You can’t go into it expecting it to taste like what you’re used to eating. There are great options out there these days though and I’m so thankful stores like Target are carrying mixes and ingredients to help us all out! Gluten Free Pantry also makes a great cake mix that I used for my son’s birthday cupcakes! Happy Muffin Eating!


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