As Seen on TV

Hi, I’m Becky and I’m a fitness gadgetaholic. I’ve come to the realization that I am a sucker for fitness “stuff”- mats, medicine balls, stretchy bands, workout videos, Wii Fit equipment, dumbbells and now…the Ab Carver Pro. See the the link below:
Ab Carver Pro

I saw a very fit gymnast (a young gal who is obviously a competitive gymnast – the kind that train a few days a week in the gym) using this cool ab roller in my 3 year old’s gymnastics class this morning. I was intrigued! I questioned my son’s teacher about it and then looked it up online to see where I could buy one. Walmart! Yippee and they have them IN STOCK! 😃
I may or may not have made a special trip to Wally World to look for the Ab Carver. (I needed to pick up some Gatorade too…) I had some gift $ so I grabbed one, got it home, put it together, which was quick and easy and tried it out. *side note- it’s cheaper at Walmart than online!*

Yes, my abs will look like this (even after 2 children and 2 c-sections).


Not too bad! My 3 year old looked at the picture on the box and insisted we take our shirts off while we do it. It took me a while to understand why he kept telling me to take my shirt off! Well, of course! We need to do it like the people on the box, with our tummies showing! (He then proceeded to strip down completely and exercise.)
I think it’s a good piece of exercise equipment- I mean it has to be if it was created by a Navy Seal! 😉 I’ll update on it after I use it a while.



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