Comparing Yourself

We had a fun and different workout at Camp Gladiator this morning! We used equipment beyond the weights and mats we normally use. We had to flip a 450 lb. tractor tire, carry slosh pipes (PVC pipe filled with water), pull a weighted tire with a rope, resistance bands where we wore it around our waist and sprinted while a partner pulled on the band for resistance, medicine balls, etc. It was fun and challenging! Here’s a small glimpse:


It was a true test of strength and I definitely felt pretty weak in comparison with most other people. In fact, I’m usually in the back of the pack when we do fitness tests. It’s easy to feel self-conscious and discouraged when you’re surrounded by people who are fitter than you, more thin and toned than you, and faster and stronger than you. I sometimes get frustrated with myself that I am not in the shape I want to be in. It occurred to me recently when I was feeling particularly discouraged that I do not go to boot camp because I am physically fit. I go there because I am working on being physically fit! That may sound silly but it was definitely a perspective check for me. I am not as fast, lean, toned or strong as I want to be, but I am more than when I first started. I have had monumental successes (shaved 18 minutes off my fitness test time within 4 weeks during my 1st month of boot camp) and big time setbacks (took 3 weeks off from exercise and ate what I wanted during summer travels). I believe life is about balance and life does happen! You will go on vacation, you’ll have sick kids and not be able to go to workout sessions, you’ll strain a muscle and have to lay off it for a bit. You just can’t let discouragement overtake you.

I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago and it was detrimental to my fitness and diet. It was a horrible recovery and I ended up only being able to eat soft carbs for a month! You can guess what happened to my weight during that time. We have to remember the successes, no matter how small they are and just keep at it. Determination. Deciding what you want and committing to achieving that goal. Deciding that waking up at 5:00 a.m. to work out is worth it and it eventually gets easier to drag yourself out of bed.

Ultimately, when it comes to comparing yourself with others, you have to remember that you are different people. Your bodies are different, your life paths have been different, your health issues are not the same, they may have been a college athlete or have been working out consistently for years while you have only been doing it a few months. Basically, comparison is pointless and just causes you to lose self-confidence! God created us all differently and we need to embrace who he designed us to be! Here’s some great fitspo that have encouraged me:






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