Living Without

I am overjoyed to tell about a new find! I ran across this magazine, “Living Without” when I was shopping at Sprouts today.


It’s a magazine specifically for “people with allergies and food sensitivities”. My heart leapt when I took a look at it! Despite the “Debbie Downer” title, it is full of great info! Couldn’t they call it something a little more uplifting like, “Living Allergy Free”, “Happy Tummies” or “My Body Feels Better Now That I’m Not Eating Things That Hurt Me”? Anyways, maybe the writers will get the message that we prefer to see it as “Living Differently” versus “Living Without”. Seriously! We can eat many of the same foods but use different ingredients that are better for us! Food for thought….

I get somewhat emotional when I come across things like this magazine. Dealing with food allergies/sensitivities can be a very lonely road. Sometimes we need encouragement or just to feel like there are other people who understand what life is like, what your issues and experiences are and who are going through the same things. This magazine speaks my language. It has recipes, suggestions for substitutions, advertisements for allergy-free products, educational articles and people’s life stories. I was excited to learn about products I haven’t seen before and I will definitely be on the search to try them! The recipes sound really good and very doable. The thing I’m most excited about is the COUPONS!! Allergen-free products can be very expensive and my boys go through food like 2 growing boys should. These coupons will be so helpful! 😃 Happy happy!


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