The Daily Rubdown

So, I’m really embracing the essential oils thing. I have been using a variety of them daily lately on my family. They have been very gracious and willing to let me slather them with oils. I call this our “daily rubdown”. (: (Disclaimer: I use DoTerra brand oils as they are the highest, therapeutic grade oils and one of the best brands on the market. Not all essential oils are created equal.)

Here’s what I’ve been doing: for my entire family (2 children, my hubby and me), On Guard in the morning before they leave for school/work and some days at night if we’ve really been around sick people, germy places or I think they’re fighting off illness.
My eldest son has had bad allergies lately, so I’m using 1 drop each of lavender, peppermint and lemon oils on his feet, sometimes multiple times a day if necessary. Apparently it’s a magic blend that fights off allergies. Another way to take it is to put a drop of each in a little bit of water and drink it. I tried that when I felt allergies coming on and it honestly made the sneezing stop! I’m a believer! (:

I use Breathe oil on my oldest son’s chest or his sinus area for cough and congestion. My sister had an interesting experience using this the other day. She has trouble with asthma and was going for her inhaler. She had put a drop of Breathe oil on her chest and no kidding, while we were talking on the phone, she said, “Oh my word! This is strange. All of a sudden I can take a clear breath!” No need for the inhaler!

I’ve also started trying the Slim and Sassy oil blend for metabolism. my friend who got me started on essential oils says she puts it on her arms and has seen it make a difference. We’ll see if I can tell any change.

I bought the Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute some of the oils for topical application. I’ve been using store bought unrefined, virgin coconut oil but thought I’d try the kind sold by DoTerra to see if it makes a difference.

My mom and sister have gotten on board too and ordered their own Family Physician kits.


It’s a great kit to have with some basic oils and a few oil blends. It meets all the basic needs. Let me say that I am not an expert on essential oils. I am learning as I go and as I use them. I regularly use this website to find protocols for using the oils for various needs: Everything Essentials

I also ask my very knowledgeable friend who teaches classes on essential oils for advice. If you’re on Facebook, you can follow her page:
Wellness Empress

My next goal is to buy a diffuser to emit the oils into my house. Diffusing the On Guard oil will cleanse the air of germs (and with germs coming home from school, that sounds great to me)! You can also diffuse oils in the air to help with winter colds and coughs. Happy Oiling, my friends!

(One more note- my naturopath, chiropractor and son’s pediatrician ALL promote the use of essential oils in health and wellness! Go getcha some and see for yourself!) (:


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