Gluten Free Savings

I just wanted to encourage you all to go and sign up to receive coupons for gluten-free products. You can also sign up for 50% off a subscription to Living Without magazine. See my previous post here: Living Without
Check it out! Who wouldn’t like to save on allergy-free foods?


Living Without

I am overjoyed to tell about a new find! I ran across this magazine, “Living Without” when I was shopping at Sprouts today.


It’s a magazine specifically for “people with allergies and food sensitivities”. My heart leapt when I took a look at it! Despite the “Debbie Downer” title, it is full of great info! Couldn’t they call it something a little more uplifting like, “Living Allergy Free”, “Happy Tummies” or “My Body Feels Better Now That I’m Not Eating Things That Hurt Me”? Anyways, maybe the writers will get the message that we prefer to see it as “Living Differently” versus “Living Without”. Seriously! We can eat many of the same foods but use different ingredients that are better for us! Food for thought….

I get somewhat emotional when I come across things like this magazine. Dealing with food allergies/sensitivities can be a very lonely road. Sometimes we need encouragement or just to feel like there are other people who understand what life is like, what your issues and experiences are and who are going through the same things. This magazine speaks my language. It has recipes, suggestions for substitutions, advertisements for allergy-free products, educational articles and people’s life stories. I was excited to learn about products I haven’t seen before and I will definitely be on the search to try them! The recipes sound really good and very doable. The thing I’m most excited about is the COUPONS!! Allergen-free products can be very expensive and my boys go through food like 2 growing boys should. These coupons will be so helpful! 😃 Happy happy!

Gluten-free Cracker Chicken

I used to make a breaded crispy chicken called Ritz Cracker Chicken. It was so yummy, coated in crushed Ritz crackers and drizzled with butter. Ooh, we loved it! Last night I was playing around in the kitchen, trying to figure out another way I could cook chicken for my kids who have allergies. They can’t eat fried chicken nuggets at most fast food places or restaurants because of the gluten/wheat breading. We do a lot of grilled chicken instead. However, there’s only so much grilled chicken we can eat before everyone’s saying, “Enough already!”

This is my new version I call Gluten-free Cracker Chicken. So good in fact that my eldest son (who rarely eats home cooked meals- more on that later) said, “Mom, this chicken is SO GOOD! Can I have MORE?” My heart melted because he has never asked for more of anything I have made him! “OF COURSE you can, son!” 😃😃😃 We all gobbled it up till there was none left.

First, you crush up gluten-free rice crackers. I like the Veggie flavored kind because it gives the breading more flavor.


Dip cut up pieces of chicken breast or chicken tenders seasoned with salt and pepper in lightly beatened eggs, then dip in crushed cracker crumbs. Place in greased baking dish in one layer. Melt 2-3 tablespoons of dairy-free butter (or regular butter if you’re not dairy-free) and drizzle on coated chicken. Place in oven at 350 degrees. Bake 20-25 minutes or until lightly browned and cooked through. Delish!

Enjoy you’re modified dairy-free, gluten-free crispy chicken nuggets!
*If you are allergic to eggs or want to add more nutrition to your chicken, use puréed veggies (squash, sweet potato) instead of eggs!