A Little Guilty Pleasure Time

My newfound guilty pleasure is (wait for it)… Barney Butter!


This is by far the best almond butter I’ve tasted. It’s really smooth and creamy, not grainy and gritty like others. It’s all-natural, gluten-free and peanut-free and comes in these little single serving packets! You can buy it in jars too. I just ate a packet for breakfast because I was on the go today and didn’t feel like making eggs. So yummy with an apple or banana too. The one thing about it that is a negative is that it has evaporated cane juice and I prefer unsweetened almond butter. It’s too yummy to pass up though and I don’t feel too bad about enjoying it. (There are much worse for you treats out there!) Loving the Barney Butter! My not-so-guilty guilty pleasure!